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Government’s Cannabis Bill Faces Live-or-Die Vote in Senate Today

Government's cannabis bill faces live-or-die vote in Senate today Upper house could throw wrench in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan for full legalization by summer By John Paul Tasker, CBC News. Aphira, in Leamington, Ont., is one of Canada's largest growers of medicinal cannabis. The publically-traded company is expanding its Canadian operation to include 1 million square feet of grow space to meet demand once recreational consumption is legalized this summer. (Evan Mitsui/CBCNews) (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Article by John Paul Tasker, CBC News The government’s cannabis bill faces outright defeat in the Senate today if it can’t secure enough support from members of the Red Chamber. According to an agreed timetable, senators will hold a vote at second reading of the bill today. If the opposition Tories cobble together enough votes to defeat C-45, the legislation would be effectively ...

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Cannabis As Living Medicine (C.A.L.M.) Dispensary Review

Cannabis As Living Medicine (C.A.L.M.) Dispensary Review calm toronto cannabis weed shop medical marijuana thc cbd

C.A.L.M. Dispensary Overview: Cannabis As Living Medicine (C.A.L.M.) Dispensary opened in 1996 as one of Toronto’s first medical dispensaries. With it’s long history, C.A.L.M. is well known to the cannabis community as a great resource for medical patients. It’s hard to find a Toronto medical patient that hasn’t heard of C.A.L.M. before. C.A.L.M. Dispensary Location: C.A.L.M. Dispensary keeps their location ...

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Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis: Summary of Comments Received During the Public Consultation

Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis: Summary of Comments Received During the Public Consultation. There is an image of a standard, North American sized, hockey rink. The image has all the markings of a hockey rink including two red face-off circles at each end of the rink, the two blue lines and the centre line, which is red. Along the bottom of the rink is a black two-pointed arrow with the text 61 metres, depicting the length of the hockey rink. Along the right hand side of the rink is a black two-pointed arrow with the text 26 metres, depicting the width of the hockey rink. There is also a red face-off circle in the centre of the rink. In the middle of the blue lines, there is a green shaded rectangle with the text "200 square metres" written in it. The green rectangle, which represents the maximum canopy size that would be allowed for a micro-cultivator, covers approximately half the total distance between the blue lines.

Article by Health Canada Table of Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis 1.2 Public Consultation 1.3 Purpose of this Document 2 Licences, Permits and Authorizations 2.1 Overview of Proposal 2.2 What We Heard 2.3 Thresholds for Micro-cultivation and Micro-processing 3 Security Clearances 3.1 Overview of Proposal 3.2 What We Heard 4 Cannabis Tracking System 4.1 ...

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Meet Alison Gordon, CEO OF 48 North Cannabis Co.


Article by Women of Influence As a 20-year old, Alison Gordon couldn’t have fathomed one day having a full-time, let alone high-powered, job in the marijuana industry — or that pot would ever be an industry at all. Now, she’s leading 48 North Cannabis Co., an ACMPR licensed medical cannabis company, as CEO, bringing her unstifleable passion to this nascent ...

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Health Canada Reject Three Cannabis Growers for Every One Accepted

Feds reject three cannabis growers for every one accepted As of Feb. 1, Health Canada had granted 89 cannabis licences and rejected 268 applications

Article by Mark Rendell, Financial Post Even as the number of legal cannabis growers has grown rapidly, the federal government has denied three licence applications for every one it has accepted. As of Feb. 1, Health Canada, which oversees the legal medical marijuana program, had granted 89 licences and rejected 268, according to data provided by Health Canada. The number ...

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Canada’s Strict New Packaging Rules For Recreational Cannabis

Article by Mike Okada, Cannabis Life Network On March 19th, the Canadian government released its updated guidelines for legal cannabis, which features strict guidelines for packaging, labeling, and health warnings- but how effective will they be? According to Health Canada’s press release, the government is taking an “an evidence-informed, public health approach”, after receiving comments from over 3,200 Canadians during its 60-day public consultation period. ...

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Treat Marijuana Like Any Other Farm Crop, Group Tells City of Hamilton

Treat marijuana like any other farm crop, group tells city 'A greenhouse is a greenhouse whether you're growing cannabis or flowers or tomatoes' By Samantha Craggs, CBC News. Coun. Lloyd Ferguson says huge bunker-style cannabis facilities will spring up across the greenbelt. Ferguson says they'll eat up precious farmland that should be used to grow food. (Blair Gable/Reuters)

Article by Samantha Craggs, CBC News It’s a philosophical question that’s circulated through Hamilton city hall for months: when it comes to city rules, should growing marijuana be considered the same as growing cucumbers? Now, a group of local farmers says yes. The city’s agriculture and rural affairs advisory committee — comprised of farmers, residents and politicians — voted in late ...

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Ontario Father Who Died in Mexico ‘Had a Need to Spread Love’

Ontario father who died in Mexico 'had a need to spread love'. Shane King, who is shown with wife Amber and children Sydney, Quentin, Knox and Marz, died after a motorcycle accident in Isla Mujeres Saturday. (Robert Miller/PhotoIsla via Facebook)

Article by Meredith MacLeod, CTV News An Ontario man killed in a motorcycle accident in Mexico is being remembered as a happy, outgoing, big-hearted father of four who had a contagious, booming laugh and did all he could to help others in both countries in which he lived. Shane King, 32, died Saturday night, shortly after colliding with the rear ...

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Canadian Cops Admit to Using Stingray Devices to Track Cellphones En Masse

Canadian cops admit to using Stingray devices to track cellphones en masse Canadian cops admit to using Stingray devices to track cellphones en masse Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via email By Kieran Delamont

Article by Kieran Delamont, Vice News Police in some of Canada’s largest cities have admitted to using powerful surveillance tools that indiscriminately hoover up cell phone metadata of people in a given area—even those not under investigation by police—which privacy researchers say is a problem for Canadian civil liberties. Nearly a year after the RCMP first acknowledged that they owned a ...

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