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Sweet Treats – Chocolate Brownie & Glazed Doughnut Review

sweet treats logo infused cannabis edibles glo

Written by Gideon B, for Sweet Treats Overview: Sweet Treats is a local Toronto brand of homemade infused desserts, specializing in a variety of gourmet style cakes and treats. All Sweet Treats products are baked by Glo, exclusive baker for C.A.L.M., one of the oldest medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada, helping thousands of Canadians with her edibles. Just by looking ...

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The Canna Chocolatier – Creamy Caramel & Salted Pretzel Bits Review

Shattered Sweet Mr. Sweets The Canna Chocolatier thc infused weed distillate cannabis marijuana chocolate

Written by Toronto Toker for Update: Shattered Sweets is now offered under the name The Canna Chocolatier in Toronto. Our apologies for the inconsistent branding through the review. The Canna Chocolatier Overview: The Canna Chocolatier is an artisanal chocolate company that makes cannabis (THC distillate) infused chocolates. A professional chocolatier makes all of The Canna Chocolatier’s products and each treat is individually dosed by ...

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The Green Chef – Medicated Pretzels Review

The Green Chef Medicated Pretzel weed theca infused

Written by Maryjane Backwoods, for The Green Chef Overview: The Green Chef is a caregiver organization, helping people get easier access to a greater variety of cannabis products, custom orders and private events. They started in 2014 when two cannabis enthusiasts started experimenting with different cannabis infused dishes and started a blog. The team consists of two chefs, Chef ...

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Blessed Edibles– Blessed Booch 40mg THC Review

Blessed Edibles Booch Kamboucha thc infused

Written by Toronto Toker for Blessed Edibles Overview: Blessed Edibles is an edible company that creates cannabis infused products, made with athletes in mind. Blessed Edibles has been infusing edibles for a number of years, and as a result has multiple options on their menu, all healthy.  Accessing Blessed Edibles: Blessed Edibles used to have their products in dispensaries across ...

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Dragon Elixir – Femme Review

Dragon Elixir Femme THC Alcohol cannabis weed marijuana infused edible medible edibles medibles

Written by Maryjane Backwoods, for Dragon Elixir Overview: Did you know that until cannabis was banned in 1937 cannabis tincture was the primary method of cannabis consumption? The Dragon Elixir tinctures have been available for over a year now and to my delight, recently came out with a new tincture specifically for women called “Femme”.  The best way to ...

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Stop & Smell The Roses – Custom Rolling Tray Review

Stop & Smell The Roses Custom Wood Rolling tray wooden cannabis weed

Written by Toronto Toker for Stop & Smell The Roses Overview: Stop & Smell The Roses is a new Port Elgin focused cannabis company. The company is run by a Port Elgin native, out of Toronto. Stop & Smell The Roses distributes cannabis apparel, custom rolling trays, as well as Miss Envy’s CBD products. Accessing Stop & Smell The Roses: ...

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Fritz’s Cannabis Company – Cucumber Serrano Lollipop 75mg Review

Fritz's Cannabis Company Weed Infused Lollipop Edibles

Written by Toronto Toker for Fritz’s Cannabis Company Overview: Fritz’s Cannabis Company is a Toronto local brand that produces safe, sweet and savory infused products. Fritz’s Cannabis Company use their decade plus of experience in infusing, baking and cooking with cannabis and its extracts to create great edibles. Fritz’s produce their products to offer an alternative to smoking or vaporizing ...

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Toko Gold Tip – Grape Kush Review

Toko Gold Tip Grape Kush Vape Pen THC Terpenes

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Toko Overview: Toko is a company that produces disposable vape pens, along with refillable and rechargeable ones. All of Toko’s products contain THC extracted using a CO2 and ethanol extraction, along with terpenes that have been re-added to enhance the flavour. The Toko Gold Tip worked well, allowing the extract to flow into the chamber providing ...

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Stratus – Liquid Shatter Review

Stratus Liquid Shatter Weed Concentrate THC terpenes

Written by Toronto Toker for Stratus Liquid Shatter Overview: Stratus is a company that produces high quality cannabis extracts. Their Liquid Shatter is a terpene rich concentrate made from a CO2 & ethanol, close-loop extraction resulting in ~80% cannabinoid concentration. This product had a very enjoyable cannabis plant flavour to it and is extremely versatile in its uses. Receive 25% off ...

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