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Cody Vangogh – Nude Blunt Review

nude blunt cody vangogh codyvangogh cody van gogh creative rolling weed cannabis

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Cody Vangogh Overview: Cody Vangogh is a creative rolling expert who’s been featured at multiple cannabis cups in Canada and the US as a member of the National Joint League. If you can think it up, Cody can roll it! He’s rolled a ship in a bottle, dragons, joints of celebrities, crowns, etc. All of ...

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Shatterizer – Shatterizer Vape Review

shatterizer vape review dankr portable vape shatter concentrates

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Shatterizer Overview: The Shatterizer was born out of the desire to find the perfect vape. The co-founders believe a portable, effective device designed for concentrates will be extremely useful as legalization unfolds. Matt Zysman, one of the co-founders, spent lots of time taking apart various vape pens on the market to understand how they worked ...

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Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Overview: is a Canadian online head shop that carries a large assortment of bongs, pipes, oilrigs and accessories. Thermodynamix is also the creator and builder of the Entropy eNail, an electronic enail for dabbing concentrates. Accessing Entropy eNail: The best place to order the Entropy eNail from is, as they produce the ...

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Dabbaratus – Dabbaratus Review

dabbaratus dab tool dabaratus toronto 710 shatter oil

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Dabbaratus Overview: Dabbaratus is a dab tool designed by a Toronto concentrate enthusiast and entrepreneur. The product was designed to be easy to use and comfortable. What resulted is a dab tool that can be used for any consistency of concentrate with ease. Accessing Dabbaratus: Dabbaratus’ are regularly stocked at Boroheads as well as a ...

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Mr Kush VIP – Chocolate Bar & Sour Gummies Review

Mr. Kush VIP high dose sour gummie and high dose chocolate Mr kush vip toronto medible edible thc

Review by Toronto Toker for Mr Kush VIP Overview: Mr Kush VIP is a Toronto based cannabis company focused on creating taste, potent, and properly packaged products. Their main focus is on concentrates and edibles. Accessing Mr Kush VIP: Mr Kush VIP occasionally can be found at a local Green Market, or Planet Paradise event. Otherwise their products are ...

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Cannabiscotti – Blasted Peanut Butter & Blazed Salted Caramel Biscotti Review

Cannabiscotti – Blasted Peanut Butter & Blazed Salted Caramel Biscotti Review thc infused toronto

Written by Gideon B, for Cannabiscotti Overview: Another perfect example of the innovative edibles currently circulating the Canadian market is Cannabiscotti, recent winners of the Karma Cup for their Cannabutter Edible category entry. Cannabiscotti is a Toronto-based edible duo that specialize in cannabis-infused biscotti and have several varieties and flavours, from lemon poppy to red velvet and so much ...

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Mr Kush VIP – Concentrate Review

Mr Kush VIP mr. kush vip mrkushvip kosher kush shatter thc edibles

Written by Gideon B, for Mr Kush VIP Overview: Mr Kush VIP is a Toronto-based cannabis company producing a variety of infused edibles as well as a large selection of solvent-based and solvent less concentrates like budder, shatter and ice wax. Given the large selection of goodies he gave us, we decided to split it amongst ourselves and all ...

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Green Dynasty – Pre Loaded Vape Pen Video Review

Green Dynasty distillate pre loaded vape pen preloaded thc toronto

Review by Michael Kushbury, for Green Dynasty Overview: Green Dynasty is a new company on the Toronto scene with some interesting products, the crown jewel being the pre loaded vape carts we will be looking at today. Accessing Green Dynasty: Green Dynasty is fairly new and their website is currently being designed but their products can be found at ...

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WhitePalm – Blue Coma Review

getwhitepalm get white palm get whitepalm blue coma rare strain cannabis weed cali toronto bc

Review by Toronto Toker for WhitePalm Overview: WhitePalm is a high end M.O.M. (Mail Order Marijuana) service out of BC that services patients all across Canada. WhitePalm has a large variety of concentrates and flower, with discrete packaging so your products arrive safely. WhitePalm has connected with the growers to ensure the quality is always there and they can ...

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Mr. Kush VIP – High Dose Chocolate Bar Video Review

Mr. Kush VIP Chocolate Bar Mr kush vip toronto medible edible thc

Review by Michael Kushbury, for Mr. Kush VIP Overview: Mr. Kush VIP is a premium edible maker out of Toronto. They produce a wide variety of products infused with their own extracts made from high quality flower. Accessing Mr. Kush VIP: Mr. Kush VIP products can be accessed a variety of ways. I picked up my High Dose Chocolate ...

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