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House of Shambala – Super Lemon Haze Crumble

house of shambala liquid dabs super lemon haze crumble thc toronto weed cannabis

Written by Toronto Toker for House of Shambala Overview: House of Shambala is a company operated by two medical patients who have been growing for a long time. All products are grown and extracted by House of Shambala themselves. Their main product is the Liquid Dab, a fully decarboxylated (activated) extract that works great in vape pens and edibles. Accessing ...

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Eva’s Delicacies – Infused Gummy Review

Eva’s Delicacies – Infused Gummy Review edibles thc co2 oil distillate bc bud

Written by Gideon B, for Eva’s Delicacies Overview: A British Columbia based edible company, Eva’s Delicacies has been infusing treats since 2014. Offering a variety of edibles, from candies, to dried fruit and more. Most of Eva’s Delicacies are infused with CO2 extracted cannabis THC distillate, allowing these edible treats to contain the psychoactive effects of cannabis with the ...

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Dog Pound Concentrates – Gelato Distillate

dog pound concentrates thc distillate cbd isolate weed shop cannabis marijuana toronto online

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Dog Pound Concentrates Overview: Dog Pound Concentrates is a Toronto craft extract producer that works with a large variety of strains and products. (CBD, shatter, distillate, sauce, etc.) The products across the board are high quality with only nug run material.  Accessing Dog Pound Concentrates: The two most reliable places to access Dog Pound Concentrates ...

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Hamm’s Hash – Sprinkle Donut X Fruity Pebbles THC Infused Cereal Bar Review

Hamm's Hash cereal bar hamms hash Sprinkle Donut X Fruity Pebbles THC Infused Cereal Bar weed marijuana cannabis toronto edibles online

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Hamm’s Hash Overview: Hamm’s Hash makes medicated gummies and cereal bars of various flavours. They competed in the 2017 Karma Cup and won 3rd place Concentrate Edible. That’s where we picked up some Hamm’s Hash’s products and decided to test the shelf life of the Sprinkle Donut X Fruity Pebbles THC Infused Cereal Bar by ...

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South Coast Collective – Vape Tip Review

get white palm getwhitepalm South Coast Collective– Vape Tip Review thc full profile terpenes cannabinoids weed shop cannabis vape vaporizer vapourizer

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for South Coast Collective Overview: South Coast Collective is a Canadian cannabis company that grows and extracts unique genetic varieties. South Coast is located in BC’s Sunshine Coast, which has a great climate for cannabis cultivation. This climate allows South Coast’s all natural approach to cannabis production and full profile extracts to flourish without pesticides & ...

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RastaPharoah Extractions – Pink Bubba Seal Hash Review

RastaPharoah Extractions – Pink Bubba Seal Hash review pharaoh seal hash pharoah thc concentrate canna world canna world canna weed shop dispensary online cheap affordable marijuana cannabis rasta pharoah rasta pharaoh rastapharaoh

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for RastaPharoah Extractions Overview: RastaPharoah Extractions established themselves in early 2017 and since then has expanded their product line to contain lots of non-smoking options for medical patients. RastaPharoah works closely with their patients ensuring their needs are meet. As a result, most of their products were developed by patient request. Accessing RastaPharoah Extractions: RastaPharoah Extractions ...

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Cannabiscotti – Lit Up Lemon Poppy Seed Cannabiscotti Review

Cannabiscotti – Blasted Peanut Butter & Blazed Salted Caramel Biscotti Review thc infused toronto

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Cannabiscotti Overview: Cannabiscotti is a Toronto based edible company that created, you guessed it, cannabis infused biscotti’s that took 1st place at Karma Cup 2017. Each Cannabiscotti is infused with THC Distillate and lab tested to ensure the dose is 50mg +/- 5mg of THC. The company was founded in 2016 after finalizing their recipe. ...

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Dog Pound Concentrates – Lemon Berry Review

Dog Pound Concentrates – Lemon Berry Review

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for   Dog Pound Concentrates Overview: Dog Pound Concentrates is a craft Toronto extraction company that experimented with their extraction process for a number of years before branding and taking it to market. Dog Pound has a number of strains available, most of which are shatter but budder, THC distillate, and CBD isolate are also available. ...

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Mary’s Wellness – Mary’s Brew Review

Mary’s Wellness – Mary’s Brew Review dankr infused tea thc cbd

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Mary’s Wellness Overview: Mary’s Wellness is a health conscious medical cannabis company that offers a non-smoking option to consuming your cannabis. Mary’s Wellness makes different flavours of infused teas all containing THC and CBD. Accessing Mary’s Wellness: Mary’s Wellness was available in many Toronto dispensaries and out at events, but unfortunately are harder to find ...

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Canada Concentrates – Citrus Kiss Distillate Review

Canada Concentrates Flavoured Distillate thc cbd cbn dab enail

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Canada Concentrates Overview: Canada Concentrates was established in 2016 by a group of Toronto friends looking to make the purest medicine for their recovering friend. Distillate being the purest form of cannabinoids and having many different applications made it their goal. After months of refining, Canada Concentrates consistently lab tests in the 98% cannabinoid range. ...

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