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House of Shambala – THC Vape Pen Review

House of Shambala Vape Pens Toronto THC

Written by Toronto Toker for House of Shambala Overview: House of Shambala is a purely Canadian company that produces cannabis concentrates and elixirs. They are located in the GTA and their main product is a powerful vape cartridge. This cartridge came from 30 years of experience with resin products and it shows in a well-built, enjoyable vape pen containing some ...

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IncrEdibles – Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

Incredible Edibles Chocolate Chip Cookie Weed

Written by Toronto Toker for IncrEdibles Overview: IncrEdibles is a Toronto based compassionate, medible producer. IncrEdibles has a large selection of products that they make, with me discovering more and more products as I researched them. IncrEdibles started under a year ago and continue to experiment with new, medicated recipes. Some of their more elaborate creations include Pumpkin Spiced Brownie, ...

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Pharma Bee – Honey Stick Video Review

Pharma Bee Honey Stick Review Weed Vaporizer Pen

Written by Toronto Toker for Pharma Bee Honey StickOverview: I was very happy with my Honey Stick from Pharma Bee, it provided an extremely discrete way to medicate and potent effects. The Honey Stick has a solid build and carrying case so there is not concern of damaging it. Accessing Pharma Bee: Pharma Bee Honey Sticks are not sold ...

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Blessed Edibles – Oatmeal Chocolate Love Review

Written by Toronto Toker for Blessed Edibles Overview: Blessed Edibles has set out to create a line of medicated edibles for the health conscious patient. All of the edibles from Blessed Edibles are highly dosed so patients don’t need to consume a lot of products to get their relief. The products range from organic to vegan and even gluten free, ...

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Dovercourt Park Bakery – Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Video Review

Dovercourt Park Bakery

Written by Toronto Toker for Dovercourt Park Bakery Overview: I was really satisfied with the experience from the P.B. Cup Cookie of Dovercourt Park Bakery. The product smelt and tasted wonderful with only trace flavours of cannabis that hide in the background. The effect of 50 mg of kief were relaxing and not overpowering. The effects were split 50/50 ...

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Twisted Extracts – Jelly Bomb Video Review

Jelly Bomb

Written by Toronto Toker for Twisted Extracts Overview: I was really impressed by Twisted Extracts product, the Jelly Bomb. The product was very discrete, enjoyable with minor cannabis flavor and provided potent medical effects. Onset of effects were very quick, with me feeling effects within half an hour on an empty stomach. Accessing Jelly Bombs: Jelly Bombs used to be ...

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