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Blessed Edibles – Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Float Bar Review

Blessed Edibles Chocolate Weed Infused

Reviewed by Mike for Blessed Edibles Overview: Blessed Edibles is a company that is dedicated to creating craft cannabis edibles for individuals living a healthy, active life style. There are a variety of different products that they produce from THC capsules to beverages, and everything in between. Blessed Edibles does a great job of creating some incredible edibles. The Dark ...

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Stormebud – Stash Jar Review

Stormebud Dankr

Written by Toronto Toker for Stormebud Overview: Stormebud is a classy, discrete, container to store your cannabis and accessories, disguised as a vinyl bound book with airtight jars stashed within. This is a very versatile product, able to store 4 separate strains, and still providing space for your grinder, pipe, rolling papers, and lighter. The book is also lined with ...

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The Green Chef – Cotton Candy Kush Review

The Green Chef Weed Edibles Canada Review

Written by Toronto Toker for The Green Chef Overview: I enjoyed my experience with the Cotton Candy Kush and learning more about the great work Green Chef continues to do. The Cotton Candy Kush was nice and fluffy, making it dissolve quite quickly. There were a few solid chunks of sugar, which took slightly longer to dissolve. This worked really ...

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House of Shambala – Liquid Dabs Review

House of Shambala Liquid Dabs weed Toronto

House of Shambala Overview: House of Shambala has created “Liquid Dabs”, with the aim of creating the strongest and purest honey oil on the market. This product has been closed-loop extracted, vacuum purged at a specific temperature to degas and decarboxylate the cannabinoids. The Liquid Dabs are lab tested to ensure quality & potency, and can be used for dabbing, vape ...

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Hidden Valley Reserve – Rockstar Shatter Review

Hidden Valley Reserve Rockstar Shatter Review Toronto

Written by Toronto Toker for Hidden Valley Reserve Overview: Based in the Toronto Area, Hidden Valley Reserve has made a name for itself in the last year by bringing an extensive range of unique and professionally extracted concentrates made from high-quality starter material and solvents to the Canadian market. Currently the company provides N-butane, live resin, Rick Simpson Oil and ...

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Eden – ICED THC Review

Eden ICED THC Review Weed Infuse Toronto

Written by Toronto Toker for Eden ICED THC Overview: To give some background, my favorite drink over any option is iced tea, so as soon and I saw the medicated ICED THC in a dispensary, I knew I needed to give it a try. The drink provided good effects, which lasted for 1.5-2 hours, but had a noticeable cannabis flavour. ...

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PIXIE Drink – Harvest Orange Review

PIXIE Drink Harvest Orange Review weed beverage

Written by Toronto Toker for PIXIE Beverages Overview: There is something that really appeals to me about having a cannabis infused beverage. Whether it’s the technical skills required to make the drink or the discreteness to consume in public, whatever it was, I knew I wanted to review a PIXIE pop. I enjoyed the taste, but the effects did ...

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CannaSafe – CannaRelief Review

CannaSafe CannaRelief Review Toronto Dankr

Written by Brook for CannaRelief by CannaSafe Overview: The CannaRelief drink comes in a small plastic bottle that would not look out of place stacked beside 5-hour Energy Drinks at your local convenience store. At a glance you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that it contained some sort of herbal snake oil that promises to make you better in bed. ...

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RedEye Medibles – Cannabombs Review

RedEye Medibles Cannabombs Review Weed Infused Toronto

Written by Toronto Toker for RedEye Medibles Overview: RedEye Medibles was started by a medical patient who “felt the need to create a product that was convenient, concentrated and not loaded with sugar/carbs that also had a complex cannabinoid spectrum.” The founder started making Cannabombs on her own and they started getting popular, at which point she turned it into ...

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IncrEdibles – Pot Sauce Video Review

IncrEdibles Pot Sauce Hot Sauce Weed Infused

Written by Toronto Toker for IncrEdibles Overview: IncrEdibles is a Toronto based compassionate, medible producer that works with professional chiefs and bakers to create some amazing tasting, unique edibles. IncrEdibles is a new company, started less than a year ago, and continues to expand their product line, which now contains everything from jam to ice cream and even cheesecake. ...

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