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Geerbbox – Geerbbox Review

geerbbox dooptube joints beer box bbox thc gearbox gearbbox

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Geerbbox Overview: Geerbbox was introduced as a product made for the legal cannabis market to carry joints, papers, bud, and even a lighter. It is made to allow you to easily carry cannabis and half smoked joints around with you, with out worrying about the smell. Accessing Geerbbox: Geerbbox was started in early 2017 in ...

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Cannabis Kingz – OG Kush Distillate Review

cannabis kingz distillate vape pen thc cbd cannabiskingz canna world canna world

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Cannabis Kingz Overview: Cannabis Kingz is a new company to emerge that works with high quality distillate to create a variety of products. Distillate is a great starting product that can produce many different products, so keep an eye out for Cannabis Kingz as I’m sure a lot more is yet to come. Accessing Cannabis ...

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Munchy Brothers – Freshly Baked Cookies Video Review

munchy brothers infused cookies dough thc bake at home

Review by Michael Kushbury, for Munchy Brothers Overview: The Munchy Brothers are a new Edible company with a very interesting product, infused cookie dough! The Brothers looked at the edible sector and saw that it was lacking a fresh baked option and went to work.   What they came up with is the Freshly Baked cookies we’ll be looking at ...

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Toko Gold Tip – XJ13 Toko Review

toko xj13 gold tip canna world canna world thc cbd

Written by Gideon B, for Toko Overview: Toko specializes in disposable and non-disposable vapourizer pens that use highly concentrated Co2 extracted cannabis oils. They offer a wide range of strains providing potent effects with great flavour.  Accessing Toko: The best place to source Toko vape pens is through, who regularly stock all of their products. Registration is open to all ...

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Cody Vangogh – Nude Blunt Review

nude blunt cody vangogh codyvangogh cody van gogh creative rolling weed cannabis

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Cody Vangogh Overview: Cody Vangogh is a creative rolling expert who’s been featured at multiple cannabis cups in Canada and the US as a member of the National Joint League. If you can think it up, Cody can roll it! He’s rolled a ship in a bottle, dragons, joints of celebrities, crowns, etc. All of ...

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Shatterizer – Shatterizer Vape Review

shatterizer vape review dankr portable vape shatter concentrates

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Shatterizer Overview: The Shatterizer was born out of the desire to find the perfect vape. The co-founders believe a portable, effective device designed for concentrates will be extremely useful as legalization unfolds. Matt Zysman, one of the co-founders, spent lots of time taking apart various vape pens on the market to understand how they worked ...

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Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Overview: is a Canadian online head shop that carries a large assortment of bongs, pipes, oilrigs and accessories. Thermodynamix is also the creator and builder of the Entropy eNail, an electronic enail for dabbing concentrates. Accessing Entropy eNail: The best place to order the Entropy eNail from is, as they produce the ...

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Dabbaratus – Dabbaratus Review

dabbaratus dab tool dabaratus toronto 710 shatter oil

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Dabbaratus Overview: Dabbaratus is a dab tool designed by a Toronto concentrate enthusiast and entrepreneur. The product was designed to be easy to use and comfortable. What resulted is a dab tool that can be used for any consistency of concentrate with ease. Accessing Dabbaratus: Dabbaratus’ are regularly stocked at Boroheads as well as a ...

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Mr Kush VIP – Chocolate Bar & Sour Gummies Review

Mr. Kush VIP high dose sour gummie and high dose chocolate Mr kush vip toronto medible edible thc

Review by Toronto Toker for Mr Kush VIP Overview: Mr Kush VIP is a Toronto based cannabis company focused on creating taste, potent, and properly packaged products. Their main focus is on concentrates and edibles. Accessing Mr Kush VIP: Mr Kush VIP occasionally can be found at a local Green Market, or Planet Paradise event. Otherwise their products are ...

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Cannabiscotti – Blasted Peanut Butter & Blazed Salted Caramel Biscotti Review

Cannabiscotti – Blasted Peanut Butter & Blazed Salted Caramel Biscotti Review thc infused toronto

Written by Gideon B, for Cannabiscotti Overview: Another perfect example of the innovative edibles currently circulating the Canadian market is Cannabiscotti, recent winners of the Karma Cup for their Cannabutter Edible category entry. Cannabiscotti is a Toronto-based edible duo that specialize in cannabis-infused biscotti and have several varieties and flavours, from lemon poppy to red velvet and so much ...

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