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Ziggy Budz – Black Cherry OG & Rugburn OG Review

ziggy budz buds runburn go black cherry og weed

Written by Toronto Toker for Ziggy Budz Overview: Ziggy Budz is an Ontario cannabis vendor that is at a number of markets. The buds are grown in ACMPR gardens in BC and retail for the great price of $20 for a half-quarter, eighth or 3.5 grams, whatever you prefer to call it. Accessing Ziggy Budz: Ziggy Budz is a new ...

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Big Dan the Munchies Man – Nutella Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie 200mg Review

Big Dan the Munchies Man edibles infused thc

Written by Toronto Toker for Big Dan the Munchies Man Overview: Big Dan the Munchies Man is a small craft cannabis edible company. This company was started in the summer of 2018 and has been at many of the subsequent markets. Their products are handmade incorporating high quality ingredients and cannabis to create tasty edibles. Accessing Big Dan the Munchies ...

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Left Coast Gummy Co. – Infused Diamonds Review

left coast gummy co thc infused gummy diamonds

Written by Toronto Toker for Left Coast Gummy Co. Overview: Left Coast Gummy Co. is a new edible company started in May 2018 that has exploded into the cannabis community. Creating one beautifully packaged product that is easily identifiable and tastes, great made them in hot demand. Left Coast Gummy Co. was founded in BC and since then branched out ...

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Purple Krown Canna Co. – “Banana Cake” Choco-Budz Review

choco-budz infused weed chocolate edible koko nugs nugz chcoc-buds chcoc budz buds

Written by Toronto Toker for Purple Krown Canna Co. Overview: Purple Krown Canna Co. is an infused edible company best known for their Choco-Budz. The Choco-Budz are Clodhopper style treats incorporating cannabis colours. The end product looks surprisingly similar to cannabis and took 2nd place edible at the 2018 Karma Cup. Purple Krown also makes cannabis infused gummy bears, which ...

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