Marijuana Publications Proving to be a Pot of Gold

Marijuana publications proving to be a pot of gold By Keith J. Kelly

Article by Keith J. Kelly, New York Post Pot publications are one of the few growth areas in media. High Times Media, which has delayed but not canceled plans to become a publicly listed company, said Thursday it is buying Green Rush Daily for $500,000 cash plus $6.4 million in stock. GRD, a 3-year-old cannabis news website that bills itself as ...

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Weston Residents Concerned After Marijuana Dispensary Repeatedly Raided

Weston residents concerned after marijuana dispensary repeatedly reopens after four raids BY ROGER PETERSEN

Article by Roger Petersen, City News  One of the 52 marijuana dispensaries still operating in the city appears poised to reopen despite being raided by police four times recently, angering area residents in Weston Road and Jane Street area. The dispensary, at 1608 Weston Road, recently put up its sign again, signifying that it could soon be open for business. ...

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Two New Studies Show How Marijuana Can Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Two new studies show how marijuana can help fight the opioid epidemic By Christopher Ingraham. A woman holds the prescribed medical marijuana product used to treat her daughter's epilepsy in Butler, Pa., on Feb. 15. (Keith Srakocic/AP)

Article by Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post Two studies published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine find that the availability of medical and recreational marijuana is linked to lower rates of opiate prescribing. In the first study, Hefei Wen of the University of Kentucky and Jason M. Hockenberry of Emory University found that the passage of medical and recreational marijuana laws were ...

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Global Marijuana March: Ontario Rises Up Against Proposed Marijuana Laws

global marijuana march gmm toronto queens park weed events cannabis marijuana

ONTARIO RISES UP AGAINST PROPOSED MARIJUANA LAWS Sat. May.5th, the 20th Global Marijuana March (GMM) (Toronto, ON)  – The 20th annual Global Marijuana March (GMM) in Toronto is set for Saturday May 5th, 2018! Presented by leaders of some of Ontario’s top private retail, public lounges and craft brand manufacturers protesting for their rights to be part of the legalized ...

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Canadian Scientists Find Cannabis Is Not A ‘Gateway Drug’

Canadian Scientists Find Cannabis Is Not A 'Gateway Drug' B.C. researchers say cannabis use doesn't lead to injectable drug use – in fact, it could help with addiction treatment By Kate Robertson

Article by Kate Robertson, Lift News Is cannabis a “gateway drug” that increases the risk of young people trying more harmful substances? Multiple studies have backed up the claim, including a 25-year study of adolescents that showed regular or heavy weed use increases chances of using other illicit drugs. But the long-held theory is controversial. Scientists are questioning whether other factors – ...

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Will Police Need to Care for Pot Plants Seized Under New Laws?

Will police need to care for pot plants seized under new laws? By Amanda Connolly National Online Journalist Global News. WATCH: Marijuana legalization is around the corner. Watch the video above on how it will affect the black market.

Article by Amanda Connolly, Global News Canadians should not be allowed to grow pot at home while the kinks of cannabis legalization are worked out, the heads of two policing organizations told Canadian senators on Thursday. Senators studying the government’s proposal to create a framework to legalize pot heard that unclear language in the Liberal bill to legalize marijuana has some police officers scratching ...

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Shortage of Legal Weed Would Be a Gift to Black Market, Research Suggests: Don Pittis

Shortage of legal weed would be a gift to black market, research suggests: Don Pittis Intuitive urge to limit supply and restrict advertising may actually increase access for kids Don Pittis · CBC News. A shortage of legal pot will only strengthen the illegal industry that will continue to be the source of supply for young users, research suggests. (Ben Nelms/Reuters)

Article by Don Pittis, CBC News It might seem the best way to protect Canadians from the evils of marijuana is to restrict supply and discourage advertising. But new research indicates such an intuitive approach may actually have the opposite effect, including making the drug more accessible to kids and diverting supply from people who need it to treat pain or ...

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Canada Better Positioned to Press U.S. on Border Issues After Pot Legalization

Canada better positioned to press U.S. on border issues after pot legalization By Kyle Duggan. Canadian border guards are silhouetted as they replace each other at an inspection booth at the Douglas border crossing on the Canada-USA border in Surrey, B.C., on August 20, 2009. A U.S. border officer who commits an on-duty crime in Canada would generally face justice in an American court under a new binational agreement. But if the crime is murder, terrorism or sexual assault, a trial could take place in Canada, according to the agreement made public this week. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Article by Kyle Duggan, iPolitics The Canadian government will be in a better position to push for the U.S. not to ban entry to Canadian citizens who admit to smoking cannabis when questioned by border guards after recreational consumption becomes legal in Canada, according to an immigration lawyer. But in the meantime, he said Canadians undergoing preclearance at Canadian airports will ...

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