BC Chamber of Commerce Fights For Fair Access For BC’s Craft Cannabis Growers


Article by Mike Okada, Cannabis Life Network On May 29, the BC Chamber of Commerce passed a motion, called Distribution Fairness for Craft Producers and Retailers (DFCPR), that supported BC’s hundreds (if not thousands) of craft cannabis growers. The motion called on the provincial government to help the little guys that built BC Bud into the world-renowned brand it is today, instead ...

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Quebec Has Passed Its Long-Awaited Cannabis Law. Here’s What’s In It

Quebec has passed its long-awaited cannabis law. Here's what's in it Province lays out rules in anticipation of federal legalization Benjamin Shingler · CBC News. The Quebec government adopted its long-awaited cannabis legislation on Tuesday. (David McNew/Getty)

Artcle by Benjamin Shingler, CBC News After months of debate and revisions, Quebec has adopted a law laying out the guidelines for the sale and distribution of cannabis in the province. Premier Philippe Couillard’s Liberals, who hold a majority in the National Assembly, all voted for Bill 157. Québec Solidaire, which holds three seats, also voted in favour. The opposition Parti Québécois and Coalition Avenir ...

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Canadian Military Will Restrict Members’ Marijuana Use — But Won’t Ban it Completely

Military will restrict members' marijuana use — but won't ban it completely 'You just can't ban it outright,' says Lt.-Gen. Chuck Lamarre Murray Brewster · CBC News. The Canadian Armed Forces will put restrictions on members' consumption of cannabis once it becomes legal for recreational use - but won't ban it completely. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press)

Article by Murray Brewster, CBC News The Canadian military will not be in a position to impose an outright ban on the use of recreational marijuana, but its restrictions will be more wide-ranging than its policy governing alcohol, says a senior commander. A draft policy is waiting in the wings for the Liberal government to pass C-45, the cannabis legalization bill, which ...

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After Pot Law Passed Key Vote, Is It Legal To Toke?

After pot law passed key vote, is it legal to toke? Jonathan Forani, Writer

Article by Jonathan Forani, CTV News  Even after the Senate passed the historic bill to legalize recreational marijuana use Thursday, the question remains: how soon can Canadians start lawfully toking up? That time could still be months away, despite the Liberals’ initial promise the law would change by July 1. Thursday’s vote was the final major hurdle in the marijuana legalization ...

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The Most Exciting Thing About Canada Legalising Weed? Data

The most exciting thing about Canada legalising weed? Data When the information floodgates open, researchers from all fields – health, criminology, policy, economy and more – will be able to collect information about cannabis use that they weren’t able to get before. LARS HAGBERG/AFP/Getty Images

Article by Bryan Borzykowski, Wired Cannabis users around the world are eagerly awaiting legalisation day in Canada, with many no doubt ready to book a ticket to the Great White North where they’ll be able to smoke pot in peace. That day may still be a couple months off – on Thursday, the country’s senate voted to pass the bill ...

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Q&A: The Low-Down on What Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Means

Q&A: The low-down on what Canada's marijuana legalization means Liz Braun. (Eduardo Verdugo/AP file photo)Eduardo Verdugo / AP

Article by Liz Braun, Toronto Sun So the Senate passed Bill C-45 — the cannabis act — on its third reading last Thursday night, June 7. You were probably too busy watching election returns to notice, but that’s the bill that will legalize recreational marijuana. And so we move closer to the inevitable end of almost a century of censure ...

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Cannabis Industry Alarmed Over Amendment Requiring Shareholders’ Identities to Be Made Public

Cannabis industry alarmed over amendment requiring shareholders' identities to be made public JACQUIE MILLER. A marijuana plant. ANDREW SELSKY / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Article by Jacquie Miller, Ottawa Citizen The cannabis industry is alarmed by an amendment in Canada’s proposed marijuana law that would require companies to make public the identities of shareholders. A public list of investors is needed to prevent organized crime from infiltrating the industry when recreational marijuana is legalized, said senators who adopted the amendment. Canadian medical cannabis companies ...

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LP Stock React To Senate Vote, Trump & Everything But Fundamental


Article by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network You’d think having the Senate vote in favour of the Cannabis Act would be good news for Canada’s large licensed producers. But following the news that the Senate passed Bill C-45, the stocks of companies like Aphria, Aurora and Canopy dropped. Perhaps investors realized that the Senate’s passing didn’t guarantee royal assent. That ...

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