Toronto Cannabis Events: November 13 – November 19, 2017

Toronto Cannabis Events Dankr Crowd

Toronto is an amazing city for cannabis with so many diverse events going on. Here is a list of the events going on this upcoming week and weekend: Monday November 13, 2017: Ganja Pranayama (All Levels) When: 5:00pm-6:30pm Where: The House of Yoga (714 Bloor St W, Toronto) Price: $30/class, 5 classes for $125 White Mug Gang Mondays – a comedy show with hosts ...

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Private Legal Marijuana Stores, Online Government Sales Planned for Alberta

Private legal marijuana stores, online government sales planned for Alberta Emma Graney. The Alberta government will introduce legislation in the fall sitting to allow marijuana to be sold from private stores, sources say. GETTY IMAGES

Article by Emma Graney, Edmonton Journal Plans are underway for legal marijuana to be sold in Alberta through private bricks-and-mortar stores, but online sales will be controlled by the government, Postmedia has learned. Legislation governing the sale of weed once it becomes legal July 1 will be introduced in the legislature next week. Government-controlled online sales is meant to alleviate safety ...

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Cannabis Producers Skeptical of Whether Ontario’s Plan Can Compete with Black Market

Cannabis producers skeptical of whether Ontario’s plan can compete with black market By Jessica Vomiero and Patrick Cain Global News

Article by Jessica Vomiero and Patrick Cain, Global News Without private cannabis companies and proper branding, the Ontario government’s plan to roll out the sale of marijuana won’t be able to compete with the current black market, advocates say. The current plan includes plain packaging, which wouldn’t allow for a new user to get relevant information, along with LCBO-run stores, which could be few ...

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Legal Marijuana May Carry Tax of at Least $1 Per Gram

Legal marijuana may carry tax of at least $1 per gram

Article by Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press via CTV News Ottawa and the provinces and territories could have another $1 billion a year in tax revenues to split after pot becomes legal next year. Liberal MP Bill Blair, former Toronto police chief and the Trudeau government’s point man on legalizing marijuana, made public Friday the federal tax proposal for legal ...

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Canadian Pot Stocks Rally on Trudeau’s Dollar-a-Gram Tax

Canadian Pot Stocks Rally on Trudeau's Dollar-a-Gram Tax By Jen Skerritt and Greg Quinn November 10, 2017, 1:03 PM EST Updated on November 10, 2017, 6:28 PM EST Finance department introduces tax proposal for legal weed Total revenue could reach C$1 billion a year, Blair says

Article by Jen Skerritt and Greg Quinn, Bloomberg Canadian marijuana stocks surged Friday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government proposed a tax of one dollar a gram of legalized recreational marijuana. The government said Friday the tax shouldn’t exceed C$1 (79 U.S. cents) a gram or 10 percent of the producer’s price, whichever is higher. Retail sales levies would be applied on ...

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Ottawa’s Plan to Slap a New Tax on Medical Cannabis Sparks Outrage

Ottawa’s plan to slap a new tax on medical cannabis sparks outrage. Growing flowers of cannabis intended for the medical marijuana market are shown at OrganiGram in Moncton, N.B., on April 14, 2016.

Article by Daniel LeBlanc, The Globe and Mail The federal government has angered proponents of medical cannabis and the opposition by announcing that its planned excise tax on recreational products will also apply to marijuana that is used to treat various illnesses. A large number of groups had been calling on Ottawa to remove the sales tax that is currently ...

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New Brunswick to Treat Cannabis Like Guns: Must be Locked up at Home


Article by Mike Okada, Cannabis Life Network And we thought Ontario’s LCBO-controlled monopoly was bad. On Nov. 7, New Brunswick introduced its proposed Cannabis Control Act, which among other things, requires you to store your cannabis in a locked container or room when at home, treating cannabis the same way as firearms! As New Brunswick’s justice and public safety minister told Global, ...

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The Harm Reduction Potential of Vapour Lounges

The harm reduction potential of vapour lounges Vapour lounges could encourage healthier consumption habits and result in people using cannabis socially instead of alcohol

Article by Mike Zmuda, Lift News Legalization plans are slowly trickling down from provinces as we head into 2018, and so far we know that Ontario and New Brunswick favour the public sector, Manitoba favours the private sector, and Alberta isn’t quite sure yet. One topic that has only seen scant attention is vapour lounges, or more generally: licensed establishments. ...

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Federal Government Proposes Cannabis Tax Plan

Government proposes cannabis tax plan The proposed federal excise duty rate would be 50 cents per gram of cannabis, or 5% of the producer’s sale price of that product. An additional rate would...

Article by Lift News The federal government announced today their plans for a tax on cannabis to not exceed $1 a gram or 10% of the price of the product, splitting the excise duty rate at 50 cents a gram to the federal government and 50 cents to the provinces/territories. The proposed duty would apply to all cannabis products available ...

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Fight for Legal Marijuana Revenue Heats Up, as Cities Make Their Case

Fight for legal marijuana revenue heats up, as cities make their case Policing new cannabis rules called 'massive and costly undertaking' By Evan Dyer, CBC News . Jenny Gerbasi, Winnipeg's deputy mayor, is serving as president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. She wrote a letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau to ask that cities receive a share of revenues from cannabis taxation. (CBC News )

Article by Evan Dyer, CBC News The federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana has already generated a spat with the provinces over how potentially lucrative tax revenue will be divided. Now a new player has entered the fray: Canada’s cities are demanding they be given a share of the revenue pie to help cover costs associated with legalization. In a letter from the Federation ...

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