Leaked Document Shows Ontario Government Is Ignoring Its Own Advice On Weed

Leaked Document Shows Ontario Government Is Ignoring Its Own Advice On Weed. It appears some branches of the government have as many issues with their policy as we do.

Article by Manisha Krishnan, Vice News A 20-page document obtained by VICE shows the Ontario government’s framework to sell legal weed contradicts what its own Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services is saying about enforcement and the black market. Last month, Ontario revealed that come next year, it will be selling recreational weed through an LCBO-controlled monopoly, with 40 ...

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Quebec Will Sell Cannabis Through the Liquor Control Board

Quebec Will Sell Cannabis Through the Liquor Control Board

Article by Jon Hiltz, The legal minimum age to purchase marijuana in Quebec will be 18 years and the sale of pot will be controlled by the province’s liquor control board, according to CBC News. Canada’s French province of Quebec will be selling legal marijuana through government-controlled outlets next summer. The number of retail locations has not been determined, but ...

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Health Canada And The Licensed Producers Have Both Hidden Dangerous Cannabis Contamination From The Public

Health Canada and the Licensed Producers have both hidden dangerous cannabis contamination from the public

Article by A controversial pesticide banned in Canada has been discovered in products sold by a federally licensed medical marijuana producer, The Globe and Mail has learned, but neither the company nor Health Canada have informed the public. Myclobutanil, a chemical that is also prohibited for use on legal cannabis in Colorado, Washington and Oregon because of health concerns, ...

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Plan to Police Cannabis-Impaired Driving Full of Holes: Experts

Plan to police cannabis-impaired driving full of holes: experts Setting a legal blood limit could put the cuffs on sober motorists Solomon Israel By: Solomon Israel. A completed roadside Drug Influence Evaluation sheet at the Colorado State Patrol Training Academy in Golden, Colo.

Article by Solomon Israel, Winnipeg Free Press Legalizing cannabis in Canada next summer could unleash a dangerous wave of stoned drivers on the nation’s roads, warn police, road-safety advocates and opposition politicians. The Liberal government is attempting to take precautions by reforming drug-impaired driving laws through Bill C-46, tabled alongside the Cannabis Act last April. When Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould ...

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Bringing a Taste of the Caribbean to Kensington.

weed infused food caribana August 18 2017 canna-caribana canna caribana cannacaribana hotbox hot box

Written by Gideon B, for Over the last few years I have been fortunate to witness a massive shift and evolution in the cannabis field across Canada and worldwide. From a flooding of new products and concentrates in the marketplace, to the many different cannabis-related events being hosted in every city, today the public are in for a treat ...

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Will Ottawa Teens Cross The Bridge To Buy Their Pot In Gatineau If The Legal Age To Buy Is Lower?

Will Ottawa teens cross the bridge to buy their pot in Gatineau if the legal age to buy is lower? Jacquie Miller, Ottawa CitizenJACQUIE MILLER, OTTAWA CITIZEN Quebec has apparently decided to set a minimum age for buying pot at 18, while Ontario's has opted for 19. CHRISTOPHER FURLONG / GETTY IMAGES

Article by Jacquie Miller, Ottawa Citizen Ottawa 18-year-olds have for years gleefully evaded Ontario’s age requirement of 19 to buy alcohol by making a short trip across the Ottawa River to drink legally in Quebec. Now that provincial age discrepancy appears likely to be replicated for pot smokers, too, with reports the Quebec government intends to set the legal age ...

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Condo Corporations Need To Prepare Plans To Deal With Marijuana Use Before It Becomes A Problem

Condo corporations need to prepare plans to deal with marijuana use before it becomes a problem Questions are being raised about whether landlords will be able to restrict cannabis in residential units. Condo boards can attempt to regulate marijuana by striking a balance between the rights of smokers and non-smokers, Bob Aaron writes. (DREAMSTIME) By BOB AARON Property

Article by Bob Aaron, The Toronto Star When marijuana becomes legal next summer, landlords, tenants and condominium owners can expect an increase in disputes related to both indoor and outdoor smoking. Effective July 2018, anyone 19 and over will be able to smoke marijuana in their units and grow up to four plants per residence. The maximum height of the plants may ...

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Snoop Dogg Invests In Toronto-Based Seed-To-Sale Cannabis Tracking Software

Snoop Dogg invests in Toronto-based seed-to-sale cannabis tracking software Trellis, a cannabis inventory management software provider, said the weed-loving rapper’s venture capital firm is leading its latest $2-million seed round. Rapper Snoop Dogg's venture capital firm is leading its latest $2-million seed round for Toronto-based Trellis, a cannabis inventory management software provider. (WILLY SANJUAN / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Article by The Canadian Press, via Toronto Star Rapper Snoop Dogg is digging further into the Canadian cannabis ecosystem, investing in a seed-to-sale software provider as the country prepares for the legalization of marijuana by Canada Day next year. Toronto-based Trellis, a cannabis inventory management software provider, said Thursday the weed-loving rapper’s venture capital firm is leading its latest $2-million ...

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