Before Lighting Up: First-Time Cannabis Users Should Proceed With Caution Before Celebrating Canada’s New Pot Law

Before lighting up First-time cannabis users should proceed with caution before celebrating Canada's new pot law By: Joel Schlesinger PHIL HOSSACK / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - U of M Professon Emeritus of Pharmacology Daniel Sitar poses at the McDermot ave Campus Wednesday afternoon. He comments on the "brain on Cannabis" for Joel Schlesinger, see his story. - August 22, 2018

Article by Joel Schlesinger, The Leaf News Canada’s marijuana consumers — medical and recreational — may do a little dance of joy come Oct. 17 when our nation becomes the first major, industrialized nation to legalize cannabis. Undoubtedly, their past experience means they’re ready to consume the product that will be offered at retail outlets in Manitoba and online. Yet ...

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Why Grow Food When You Can Grow Weed? Farmers Face a Difficult Choice as Legalization Looms

Why grow food when you can grow weed? Farmers face a difficult choice as legalization looms Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Is farmland meant for food or should it be used to grow marijuana? Not everyone agrees Khalil Akhtar · for CBC News Ken Mariette is a spokesperson for the group Citizens Protecting Agricultural Land, based in Victoria. He argues that that marijuana production isn't the same as growing land-based crops, like corn, and using farmland for cannabis production threatens food security. (Khalil Akhtar/CBC)

Article by Khalil Akhtar, CBC News As Canadians prepare for legal recreational cannabis, farmers are facing a difficult choice: whether they should use their land to grow cannabis or food. Some farmers are in support of the idea of shifting to cannabis cultivation, but the idea is drawing opposition from others. In B.C.’s Central Saanich, a district municipality in Greater Victoria, ...

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‘We Need You.’ Local Cannabis Suppliers Look for Help Before Market Explodes

'We need you.' Local cannabis suppliers look for help before market explodes Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn 4 Hamilton area licensed producers won contracts to supply Ontario's only legal pot retailer Salma Ibrahim · CBC News Grant McLeod, senior vice president of regulatory affairs at Beleave Kannibis says the company was "so very proud" to win the government bids. (Submitted)

Article by Salma Ibrahim, CBC News Local cannabis producers, among the 26 approved suppliers who will be providing pot products to the province’s online store starting Oct. 17, have a message for Hamilton workers. “Whether you’re an accountant or a contractor or whatever it is, there’s a cannabis angle to what you’re doing. And we need you. We need people with ...

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Kahnawake’s Draft Cannabis Legislation Aimed at Preventing Problems That Arose With Tobacco

Kahnawake's draft cannabis legislation aimed at preventing problems that arose with tobacco Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Residents get chance to weigh in on Mohawk Council's proposed legislation Jessica Deer · CBC News A cannabis working group appointed by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake has been tasked with developing the Cannabis Control Law. The working group includes council chiefs Gina Deer and Rhonda Kirby. (Jessica Deer/CBC)

Article by Jessica Deer, CBC News As legalization of recreational marijuana approaches, the Kanien’kehá:ka community of Kahnawake, Que., is in the final stages of deciding how to regulate the burgeoning industry on the reserve. “Until the governments really want input from First Nations, because we’ve seen it’s been very minimal, we have to continue to move forward,” said Gina Deer, the ...

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Craig Ex On Expert Joints Live! Season 4, What We’re Doing Wrong With Legalization, Celebrities Jumping on the Cannabis Bandwagon, and More!


Article by Mike O, Cannabis Life Network CLN spoke to Craig Ex about the season 4 kicking off to his show Expert Joints LIVE! which is coming up fast on Aug. 30- you won’t want to miss it. Craig tells us all about his new and exciting plans for the next evolution of the show and why he thinks what ...

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Smoked Out: How Canada’s Pot Producers Could Overshoot Demand

Smoked out: How Canada's pot producers could overshoot demand KIERAN DELAMONT As legalization draws nearer, Tweed and other marijuana producers are pushing to meet demand, but will they end up with far more pot than they know what to do with? SEAN KILPATRICK / THE CANADIAN PRESS SHARE

Article by Kieran Delamont, Ottawa Citizen In all the great songs written about pot, from Bob Marley’s Kaya to John Prine’s Illegal Smile, none have ever dealt with the problem of there being too much weed. As legalization looms on the Canadian horizon, suppliers concerned about not being able to meet initial demand are ramping up production capacity ahead of ...

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THOMAS: Why is Ford Afraid of a Little Pot Competition?

THOMAS: Why is Ford afraid of a little pot competition? Warren 'Smokey' Thomas

Article by Warren ‘Smokey’ Thomas, Toronto Sun Who’s afraid of cannabis competition? The premier and the profiteers. There’s a funny thing about the people who push privatization. They love to talk about competition. But they don’t actually want to face it. When it comes to the privatization of retail cannabis stores, it’s easy to see why. Facing real competition would ...

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Good Data Will Be Key to Measuring Marijuana’s Impact

Good data will be key to measuring marijuana’s impact GUY DIXON

Article by Guy Dixon, The Globe and Mail What changed in Colorado after the legalization of cannabis? And what can Canada learn from that? We may never fully know, at least not to the highly detailed level that policy makers prefer. “One thing that I think we’ve seen is that we have very bad data when it comes to impaired ...

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Banning Cannabis at Local Level is Bad Policy

Banning cannabis at local level is bad policy By DAVID CLEMENT Opinion “Banning retail sale in any given city doesn’t mean that consumers won’t be acquiring cannabis,” writes David Clement. “All it means is that consumers will either continue to purchase it illegally, as they do now, or will have to buy it from a neighbouring town.” (DARRYL DYCK / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Article by David Clement, Toronto Star When the provincial Minister of Finance Vic Fideli announced Ontario’s cannabis roll out plan, most, if not all, in the cannabis space rejoiced regarding the move from public retail, to private retail. Private retail significantly increases consumer access, which is a key component for curbing the black market. Not only does private retail curb ...

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