Farmers, Feds, Food and the Future of Cannabis

Farmers, feds, food and the future of cannabis Kelly Coulter gives us her take on emerging food security issues and how they parallel changes in the cannabis industry

Article by Kelly Coulter, Lift News On Friday June 17th, over 100 farmers and citizens concerned about food security in Canada filled the local Cowichan Valley community centre on Vancouver Island, and were hosted by Alistair MacGregor.  MacGregor is the MP for the riding of Cowichan/Malahat, Justice critic for the NDP and will be sitting on the committee for Bill C-45, ...

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Toronto Police Raid Canna Clinic Marijuana Dispensaries

Toronto police raid Canna Clinic marijuana dispensaries Morning raids hit dispensaries on Queen St. W. and in Kensington Market.

Update: Following today’s raids on Canna Clinic dispensaries Reddit was busy with individuals giving updates on their local Canna Clinic. Ossington Canna Clinic, Broadview Canna Clinic, Dundas Canna Clinic, Yonge & Eglinton Canna Clinic were all allegedly raided along with Queen St. West & Kensington Ave. which were mentioned in the article. Toronto Police Raid Canna Clinic Marijuana Dispensaries Article by Laura Hawells ...

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Ian Mulgrew: B.C. High Court Strikes Down Another Tory Mandatory Sentence

Ian Mulgrew: B.C. high court strikes down another Tory mandatory sentence

Article by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun The B.C. Court of Appeal has struck down as cruel and unusual punishment the six-month mandatory jail sentence for growing between six and 200 marijuana plants for the purposes of trafficking. The high court decision, which echoed previous rulings that denounced as unconstitutional other former Tory tough-on-crime provisions, underscored the new federal Liberal administration’s ...

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Sue-Ann Levy: Easier To Get Weed Than You Think

Easier to get weed than you think. Canna Clinic at 2352 Yonge St. on Tuesday June 13, 2017. Pot shops are invading sections of Toronto.

Article by Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun Last week, I biked from one midtown medical “weed” clinic to another with one purpose only – to see how easy it was to sign up. Armed only with a story about needing weed for my “acute anxiety,” I returned home four hours later a client of four illegal weed dispensaries. Each one told ...

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Youth Protections Will Change Courtroom Approach to Pot Charges After Legalization: Saskatoon Lawyer

Youth protections will change courtroom approach to pot charges after legalization: Saskatoon lawyer 'It certainly will require you to screen this a little more carefully,' says defence lawyer Ron Piché

Article by Alicia Bridges, CBC News Harsher penalties for pot dealers who sell to young people will change the way marijuana charges are defended and prosecuted in the courts, according to Saskatoon lawyer Ron Piché. The Cannabis Act, part of the federal government’s plan to legalize pot by July 1, 2018, imposes tough new penalties of up to 14 years ...

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Feds Stick With July 2018 Deadline to Legalize Pot Despite Provincial Worries

Feds stick with July 2018 deadline to legalize pot despite provincial worries BY ANDY BLATCHFORD, THE CANADIAN PRESS

Article by Andy Blatchford, Canadian Press via City News The Trudeau government is sticking with its deadline to legalize recreational marijuana by July 2018, despite provincial fears that there’s not enough time to address the legal, social and health challenges of ending Canada’s pot prohibition. The federal Liberals delivered that message Monday after Manitoba’s finance minister said he felt rushed ...

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Cannabis ‘Backup Plan’ In The Works If Provinces Unable To Regulate By Deadline, Morneau Says

Cannabis ‘backup plan’ in the works if provinces unable to regulate by deadline, Morneau says. Minister of Finance Bill Morneau speaks with the media following meetings with his provincial counterparts in Ottawa on Monday.

Article by Bill Curry, The Globe and Mail The federal government is preparing a backup plan that would see it regulate the distribution and taxation of legal marijuana in provinces that are not ready in time for Ottawa’s July, 2018, deadline. Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau outlined the plan Monday following a two-day meeting with his provincial and territorial counterparts. Some ...

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New Brunswick Doctors Suggest Crown Corp Monopoly For Legal Cannabis Sales

New Brunswick doctors suggest Crown corp monopoly for legal cannabis sales The recommendation comes as a call for harm reduction

Article by Scott Johnstone, Lift News The details of the Cannabis Act mandate cannabis production regulation as the purview of the federal government, while granting individual provinces the freedom to regulate distribution, advertising, and consumption. Early this June the New Brunswick Medical Society delivered a report to the Premier and a host of government bodies with a number of recommendations that ...

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Legal Status of Edibles Uncertain Under C-45

Legal status of edibles uncertain under C-45 Health Canada says it has no intention of making edibles legal any time soon

Article by David Brown, Lift News Although the Liberals have tabled legislation intended to make cannabis legal in Canada by July 2018, Health Canada says it has no intention of making edibles legal any time soon. The regulator says there are unique potential health risks associated with cannabis-infused edible products that have to be properly understood before they are made ...

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