Can We Trust PEI’s New Pot System?

Can we trust PEI’s new pot system? Paul MacNeill.

Article by Paul MacNeill, PEI Canada Wayne Jory didn’t know what was wrong. It started two years ago with an odd, lingering taste in the back of his mouth. He was lethargic with out of the norm mood swings. The 55-year-old Murray River carpenter was unable to work, and then there was the unexplained weight loss from his steady 215 pounds ...

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Senators Defend Delay to Drug-Impaired Driving Bill, Despite Concerns

Project Red Ribbon. Senators defend delay to drug-impaired driving bill, despite concerns Several of the legislation's components, including limits on THC and new random breathalyzer testing, have come under scrutiny. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Edmonton and Area president Leila Moulder ties a red ribbon to a police vehicle during the media launch for The Project Red Ribbon campaign at City Hall, in Edmonton Alberta, Alta., on Friday Oct. 25, 2013. The campaign encourages drivers to tie a ribbon to their vehicle or keychain in a pledge not to drive impaired. David Bloom/Edmonton Sun/QMI Agency. Groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving are also advocating for the bill's urgent passage.David Bloom / David Bloom/Edmonton Sun/QMI Agency

Article by Marie-Danielle Smith, National Post A Liberal government bill that adjusts impaired driving laws in tandem with plans to legalize marijuana is facing delays in the Senate, despite growing concerns over its urgency. The upper chamber’s legal committee has hit the pause button on a review of Bill C-46 until early May so it can focus on meeting a May ...

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5 Things Missing From Canada’s New Proposed Weed Laws

5 things missing from Canada's new proposed weed laws Chocolate bars, fancy packaging, and other things you won't see in the draft cannabis regulations By Julia Wright, CBC News. You won't find any rules governing cannabis chocolate bars like this one. (Credit: Défoncé Chocolatier)

Article by Julia Wright, CBC News A new document published by Health Canada this week is revealing more about how legal weed could be packaged, marketed and sold in Canada this summer. The 40-page report, thrillingly titled Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis: Summary of Comments Received During the Public Consultation, incorporates the feedback on draft cannabis regulations Health Canada received from thousands of Canadians in surveys, round-tables, and ...

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Should Medical Schools Start Teaching About Cannabis?

HEALTHShould Medical Schools Start Teaching About Cannabis? Education is power. So should medical schools start teaching about cannabis?

Article by Burgess Powell, High Times Medical marijuana is legal currently in 29 states, and more are looking to pass marijuana legislation this year. Despite all this legislative progress in medical and recreational cannabis, doctors are often ill-equipped to discuss the realities of medical marijuana or dismissive of its benefits. Consequently, doctors and patients alike are wondering: Should medical schools start teaching about cannabis? Considering ...

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Government Should Stay Out of Marijuana Business

TAYLOR: Government should stay out of marijuana business ROGER TAYLOR THE CHRONICLE HERALD . Under a provincial government plan to sell marijuana in retail stores, the NSLC on Joe Howe Drive in Halifax is among those outlets. (Eric Wynne/ THE CHRONICLE HERALD)

Article by Roger Taylor,  Chronicle Herald Canadians can’t be sure when marijuana will be legalized — is it August, September or some other date? — but uncertainty around the timing hasn’t stopped the hype about the legalization of weed. That hype includes the people projecting how much related revenue the Nova Scotia government will bring in from the sale of ...

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There’s a Medical Problem That Marijuana Might Be Able to Help That No One is Talking About

There's a medical problem that marijuana might be able to help that no one is talking about Erin Brodwin

Article by Erin Brodwin, Business Insider In a sun-filled room overlooking a smattering of palm trees, power lines, and cement-and-terracotta bungalows, a 73-year-old recovering alcoholic rolls a joint. Frank, whose name has been changed for this story, doesn’t particularly like the feeling he gets from smoking cannabis, but he doesn’t hate it either. And he admits it helps him sleep. ...

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Meet Alison Gordon, CEO OF 48 North Cannabis Co.


Article by Women of Influence As a 20-year old, Alison Gordon couldn’t have fathomed one day having a full-time, let alone high-powered, job in the marijuana industry — or that pot would ever be an industry at all. Now, she’s leading 48 North Cannabis Co., an ACMPR licensed medical cannabis company, as CEO, bringing her unstifleable passion to this nascent ...

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Manitoba to Ban Pot Smoking in All Public Places, Homes and Yards Permitted

Province to ban pot smoking in all public places, homes and yards permitted. A new provincial law bans the use of marijuana in all public places, including streets, sidewalks, parks, beaches, school grounds, restaurant patios and hospitals. (File image)

Article by Jeff Keele, CTV News Manitobans will only be able to smoke pot in their homes and backyards once legalization happens later this year. A new provincial law bans the use of marijuana in all public places, including streets, sidewalks, parks, beaches, school grounds, restaurant patios and hospitals. Retail stores will not be allowed to have smoking rooms like tobacconists ...

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Ontario Father Who Died in Mexico ‘Had a Need to Spread Love’

Ontario father who died in Mexico 'had a need to spread love'. Shane King, who is shown with wife Amber and children Sydney, Quentin, Knox and Marz, died after a motorcycle accident in Isla Mujeres Saturday. (Robert Miller/PhotoIsla via Facebook)

Article by Meredith MacLeod, CTV News An Ontario man killed in a motorcycle accident in Mexico is being remembered as a happy, outgoing, big-hearted father of four who had a contagious, booming laugh and did all he could to help others in both countries in which he lived. Shane King, 32, died Saturday night, shortly after colliding with the rear ...

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Medicine or Myth? Canadians are Increasingly Turning to Cannabis to Treat Their Ailments, but the Medical Establishment is Prescribing a Massive Dose of Skepticism in Response

Doctors Medically Assisted Dying 20160226. Medicine or myth? Canadians are increasingly turning to cannabis to treat their ailments, but the medical establishment is prescribing a massive dose of skepticism in response By: Solomon Israel. Dr. Jeff Blackmer, vice-president of medical professionalism for the Canadian Medical Association, is shown speaking to delegates at the CMA's annual meeting in Halifax Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ho-CMA-Mark Holleron

Article by Solomon Israel, The Leaf News The College of Family Physicians of Canada drew the ire of Canadian cannabis advocates in February, when it published a set of guidelines meant to help primary-care physicians decide when to prescribe cannabis. Cannabis and its chemical constituents, concluded the guidelines published in the medical journal Canadian Family Physician, “are not recommended for most patients ...

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